We entered Bolivia using a bus company which is called Tupiza Express and booked a ticket to Potossi.
Just worst bus company ever, the seats were smelling piss and people actually pissed on the seats instead of asking the driver to stop.
After this little transportation incident, we arrived in Potossi, a city 4000 m above the sea level.
Tip : You cannot run.

We have booked a 3 days Salar tour with a guide that was also our driver, and our cook.
This guy was amazing. The salar is incredible, and the Sud Lipiez and the surrounding mountains are the most beautiful natural places ever.
We slept in a salt hotel, which was an amazing experience, which included a mummy lava stone cemtery tour. booooohoooouuuh.

After the salarexpedition, we came back to La Paz and visited the city for 2 days.
We went to the cocaine museum.

We ride 'El camino de la muerte' the 75km ride that start in the snowy mountains and ends in the tropical forrest.
A must do if you are ever around this place.

Time to go to Peru !


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