So I took 2 months to travel across south America with a friend.
We arrived in Buenos Aires from Paris, and decided to stay isit the city for 2 days.
Time needed for timeshift to get away.
We made a tour of the city, going through neighboorhoods like La Boca, Monserrat, Puerto Madero, and a park full of cats which I can't remember the name.
We went to the stadium to see a football match of the CABJ football team.
Good vibes too ;).

Then we headed to Iguazu, where we spent three days chilling amd visiting the Iguazu Falls.
Pretty amazing place, you can hear the falls all day long, and the Devil's falls are impressive.

On the way from Iguazu to Salta, we stopped to see San Ignacio Mini which is an old mission built by the jesuits.
We walk through the park for some hours, just to spot some places of the mission movie.

Once in Salta we rented a car with some other folks and went on a desert trip for some days.
You feel like your on another planet.

Time for us to enter Bolivia !


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