I just bought a couple of old frames and forks, and decided to go full BLB overkill on my next bike.
For the first one, I wanted to do a single speed without brakes, but I don't really like fixies ...
So I was left with the only choice left for brakes, coaster brakes with a BMX style.

Dead Body

Cost : 40 euros

Clean the Frame

When you are buying a 'raw' frame you need to remove all those little parts :

You can use a pair of pliers to remove them or a little steel saw :

Now you just have to sander the marks before sending the frame to the paint job.

Cost : free time

Paint Job

I went to the factory and came back with the painted frame.

Cost : 60 euros (complete sander/anti-rust/paintjob)

Shimano bracket

Cost : 12 euros

BLB headset

Cost : 16 euros


I bought a complete pair of new wheels which includes :

  • coaster brake
  • tires
  • inner tubes
  • rim tape

Cost : 140 euros

BLB crankset

Cost : 75 euros

BLB Parts

Finally I have added the following parts :

  • BLB pedals
  • BLB handlebar
  • BLB seat
  • BLB stem
  • BLB grips
  • homemade chain

Cost : 150 euros

The bike

Total Cost : 475 euros

Additional Notes

The big pedals/handlebar were chosen for the BMX style and are way better for the coaster brakes.
This bike is for sale, contact me if you are interested.


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