Here is a little How To, I like to restore old bikes during my free time. I have decided to share with you how I restored my first bike.

Find a dead body

First step, you need to find a "dead bike".
For us french people, we have a website called leboncoin on which you can find almost anything.
It's very similar to USA's craiglist.

So I spotted those parts, and bought it for 50 euros (the guy was asking 60 but my negociations skills done the rest):

When buying those kind of parts, you are looking for one of those brands :

  • Motobecane
  • Peugeot

Those are made from the 70's and can't be killed.

Cost : 20-60 euros (usually it's only frame/fork combo)

Take it to pieces

Second step, will be to take the bike to pieces.
IMPORTANT NOTICE : Get the right tools to do so !

A 'crankset key', similar to this one :

Some anti rust :

Cost : 15 euros

Sand it

Safety First !

You need an outdoor place (obviously) to sand it properly (use a light disk).

Total Cost : 7 euros (borrow a sander to someone, but buy the according disks)

Anti Rust Layer

Since you have sanded the parts, the first layer before the paint job, will be the anti rust.

Cost : 13 euros

Paint jobs

While the anti rust is drying on the other parts, let's paint the wheels :

Once the Rust is dry, apply two layers of paint :

Cost : 25 euros

New Parts

I had to replace those parts on the bike :

  • bottom bracket
  • crankset
  • pedals
  • freewheel
  • handlebar
  • front brakes
  • Home made chain
  • saddle (BROOKS leather)
  • inner tubes
  • rim strip
  • tires

I did chose 'expensive/quality' parts (mostly from the BLB brand) but this is a personnal choice as many other parts could have been cheeper.

Cost : 250 euros

The Bike

Total Cost : 350 euros

Additional Notes :

You can bring the bike in pieces to a paint shop that will sand / anti rust / and make an industrial paint job on the bike.
The quality is really better than if you do it yourself, and will cost you 60 euros for the entire bike.
Don't bother do it yourself unless you have no other choice. (those actions are the most time consuming).


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