So I decided to stop using yahoo related services including flickr and tumblr.
Two different cases, as i stopped using flickr a long time ago but was still using tumblr for my main blog (
Closing the flick account was pretty quick and straight forward.

My needs are mostly related to hosting my photos, and blog from time to time so the usual Wordpress/MySQL combo is kind of overkill.
I started to look on the flat CMS side and found lots of interesting projects like :

  • Grav
  • Pico
  • Ghost

I chose grav after a quick POC, and I know that I'll need to create a new theme from scratch for it to better suit my needs.


You are here :

you are here

I am using the following parts :

  • 6 x RapberryPi 2
  • 6 x 8/32GB SD CARD
  • Linksys switch 8 ports
  • 2 x 2TB Apple timecapsules

I am using the following softwares :

  • Raspbian
  • Ansible
  • Github
How To

coming sonn ...

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