I don't do sports that much, but I like metrics. So two years ago, I bought a fitbit flex.
This device was light and discreet, and I thought the app was well made to show you, your 'quantified self'.
Even with the Flex, I had sone issues with the wristband.
Since it's waterproof, I used to keep it on my wrist all the time.
After some time, I needed to buy a three pack extra wristbands, because the original wristband was falling appart.

Fitbit Surge

My former workmates got me a fitbit surge as a present.
It's way more 'bulky' than the flex, but offers more metrics, and I get used to it.
After 8/10 months of having it on my wrist 24/7 the surge started to fall appart too, like my previous flex :

So as you can see, the wristband was loosing parts days after days.
I thought, hmm ok let's buy a replacement band for it, and started to find a replacement one on fitbit/amazon websites.
At this point, I realized something ... pretty unexpected ...

Fitbit is not selling replacement wristbands for this model

I mean ... the fitbit surge is their top of the line model, it costs 230 euros, and if you happen to have any issue with the wristband for whatever reason, you can throw it in a bin directly. What portion of the retail price is used for the wristband ?

On the fitbit support forum, I realized that I was not the only one to have this problem.
The given solution was to contact the fitbit support.

Fitbit Support

I needed to contact the fitbit support, gave my account information, and after some verifications, they accepted to send me a brand new one Fitbit Surge, for free.
I appreciated the effort, and thanks the Fitbit support for that.

I am sure of something now, I will never buy/use again any band from any brand if they have such design flaw.
The fact that you can't change the wristband on a smartwatch, activity tracker, or whatever is attached to my wrist, is a deal breaker.

The support told me to bring my old surge to the nearest recycling center.


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