The new Dell XPS 13" with its latest Kaby Lake processor looks very interesting.
I have tried to buy one on Dell's website and wanted to tell you my 'customer' experience.
I just became freelance and need a new laptop.
The laptop will end up running native linux, and I was still hesitating between a Retina Macbook pro 13" and a XPS 13" Kaby Lake.
Knowing the new macbook pro is coming in several weeks it's kind of stupid to buy a retina macbook now, but i quickly had to make a choice.

My first choice was the Dell XPS 13", but here's what happened :

First problem, impossible to select a QWERTY keyboard as an option if ordered from anywhere but the US.
The error was stating that this option is 'not compatible with whatever other option i never chose'.
So I have to open a chat session to tell them there was an issue.
The issue was validated on their side, and they told me to come back 'later', time for them to fix the bug.

Two days later, the 'option bug' was gone.

I was finally able to select the proper options, including the qwerty keybord, and magic, no more errors until the payment validation system.
When I am buying stuff on Internet, my bank is sending me SMS validation codes that I always use on various websites.
So I received the SMS about payment validation. When i entered the code on Dell Website :

We're sorry, but the page you accessed is temporarily unavailable. Please return to the previous page using the back button of your browser and refresh.
If the page is still unavailable, please come back later or Contact Us to place your order.

Another chat, another problem validated on their side.
Several days lost on mine doing QA for Dell's website, and I am not paid to do so.
This time I had to give my credit card information to one of Dell®'s sellers (no worries of course, the chat is secured) to place my order.
To sum up, DELL® want me to give my credit card information to an unknown person throughtheir 'secured chat' because they can't setup a proper payment validation system on their website.
Can't DELL® testtheir payment system before going to production when releasing a new product ?
Give us a break Dell® and stop trying to sell hardware online through youractual website.
It just sucks BIG TIME.

It's 2016 not 2001 anymore, and DELL®is trying to sell hardware like fifteen years ago.
Good point to have interesting laptops, better if you can sell them properly.
I hope that they will be able to fix their retail chain sone day.

I just gave up and bought a used macbook pro Retina for half the price.


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